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[オリジナル Macintosh で Yosemite を再現する:The Cleverest

Mac OSX Yosemite の画面をオリジナル Macintosh で再現したらどうなるだろうかという試みがオモシロい・・・

Retina OSX on the Original Macintosh | The Cleverest

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オリジナル Macintosh で Retina OSX を見る

Retina OSX on the Original Macintosh

新しい 5K Retina iMac の巨大な画面をオリジナル Macintosh の画面と比較したすばらしい記事があった。

I saw this great post about how tiny the original Macintosh screen was compared with the current (and enormous) Retina 5K iMac screen.

そこで自分は逆の見方をしてみた。1対1のピクセル比で比べるのだ。Mac OSX Yosemite の画面がオリジナル Macintosh の 512×342 ピクセルのスクリーンではどう見えるかというモックアップを作ってみた。

So I thought I’d take the opposite approach. Below are 1-to-1 pixel mockups of how Mac OSX Yosemite would have appeared on the original Macintosh’s 512×342 pixel screen.



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5K Retina iMac の美しさは衝撃的だ。

この素晴らしい 5K 画面もオリジナル Macintosh ではほんの一部しか再現できない。

もっともオリジナル Macintosh で開かれた素晴らしい世界はピクセルの比較だけでは語れない気がするけれど・・・


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Mac OS X を最初から追いかけていたからこそ見えてくるもの・・・

OS X 10.10 Yosemite: The Ars Technica Review | Ars Technica

But for all its timidity and awkwardness, Mavericks marked a turning point for OS X—and in more than just naming scheme. It was the first OS X release from the newly unified, post-Forstall Apple. If iOS 7 was the explosive release of Jony Ive’s pent-up software design ethos, then Mavericks was the embodiment of Craig Federighi’s patient engineering discipline. Or maybe Mavericks was just a victim of time constraints and priorities. Either way, in last year’s OS X release, Apple tore down the old. This year, finally, Apple is ready with the new.

To signal the Mac’s newfound confidence, Apple has traded 10.9’s obscure surfing location for one of the best known and most beautiful national parks: Yosemite. The new OS’s headline feature is one that’s sure to make for a noteworthy chapter in the annals of OS X: an all-new user interface appearance. Of course, this change comes a year after iOS got its extreme makeover.

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The standard rules apply. Don’t upgrade until all the applications you care about are compatible. Make sure you have good backups. Point-zero releases are always a little more risky. Wait for version 10.10.1 if you’re nervous.

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Viewed in isolation, Yosemite provides a graphical refresh accompanied by a few interesting features and several new technologies whose benefits are mostly speculative, depending heavily on how eagerly they’re adopted by third-party developers. But Apple no longer views the Mac in isolation, and neither should you. OS X is finally a full-fledged peer to iOS; all aspects of sibling rivalry have been banished.

The Mac today is just one part of a conceptually, organizationally, and (increasingly) technologically unified platform that spans from wrist to workstation. The hardware-based platforms of the past remain relevant to developers, but Apple seems determined to make them much less important to its customers. With Yosemite, the Mac has taken its first step into a larger world.

John Siracusa’s OS X 10.10 Yosemite Review | Daring Fireball

What a gift it is that we, as a community, have a library of Siracusa’s reviews all the way back to the dawn of the platform. A remarkable body of work.

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今月の iPad/iMac/Yosemite イベントで印象に残ったこと。


先月の iPhone 6/Pay/Watch イベントに比べれば控え目だっただけに、iPad の内容が事前に漏れてしまったのは痛かった。リークしたのがアップル自身だったから尚更だ。

アップルが自らを皮肉ったパロディビデオ「Apple Building Entry Protocol」は傑作だ。[Keynote の 32:45 から]

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[えっ、olliLA?:Horace Dediu



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[次期 OS X は:photo

モスコーニセンターの WWDC の準備がちゃくちゃくと進行中だ。


ひとつは「8」の字。初めて iOS 8 のお目見えだ。


どうやらヨセミテ国立公園のエル・キャピタン(El Capitan)のように見える。

次期 OS X の名前はやはり Yosemite か・・・

[via ParisLemon

★ →[原文を見る:Original Text

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[Alone on the Wall: Alex Honnold:Vimeo

フリーソロクライマーの Alex Honnold。




“What am I doing up here?”


★ →[ビデオを見る:Vimeo
★ →[ビデオを見る:National Geographic

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