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The New Game Of Thrones Poster Confirms A Huge Change From The Books | io9

So what does it mean? Well, we know that Tyrion will be finding his way to Mereen a lot more quickly on the show than he does in the Books, where he has yet to encounter Daenerys — in fact, several set pictures of filming have shown Tyrion at her side during pit fighting sequences that book readers will be familiar with, but the poster is our first official confirmation that the two characters will be meeting each other, a huge change from how the books are currently progressing (as of A Dance With Dragons, Tyrion has yet to meet up with Daenerys, and is currently just outside Mereen as a battle between between Daenerys’ forces and several slaver’s armies ensues).

Game of Thrones Season 5: Trailer (HBO) | YouTube

Game of Thrones Season 5: A Day in the Life (HBO) | YouTube

Game of Thrones: is race relevant in a fantasy world? | Telegraph

Nathalie Emmanuel, who plays freed slave Missandei on Game of Thrones, has addressed accusations that the HBO show is ‘racist’

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[Jimmy Kimmel ショーに出た5歳の Arden クン]

iClarified: “Five Year Old Turns Down Free Sony Tablet for iPad on Jimmy Kimmel [Video]“: 06 November 2013

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昨夜の「Jimmy Kimmel」ショーで、5歳の Arden Hayes クンはお土産のソニー Xperia Z タブレットをいらないと断った。クリスマスで iPad をもらうからと・・・

On Jimmy Kimmel last night, five year old Arden Hayes turned down a free Sony Xperia Z tablet because he was going to get an iPad for Christmas.

この天才児は同番組で世界の地理に強いところを披露した。最後にお土産をもらう段になって、地球パズルはホンモノの地球儀を持っているからいらないとユーモアたっぷりに退け、ソニーのタブレットについては「誰かにあげて。ボクはクリスマスプレゼントに iPad をもらうことになっているから」と断った。

The child genius was on the show to demonstrate his incredible knowledge of world geography. When presented with a few parting gifts, Hayes humorously dismissed a puzzle of a globe because he has a real globe at home and turned down the Sony tablet saying, “Well, you could just give it away because we’re just planning to get an iPad for Christmas.”

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Five Year Old Genius Arden Hayes on Jimmy Kimmel Live | YouTube]




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