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A Teenager’s View on Social Media | Medium

Tumblr is where you are your true self and surround yourself (through who you follow) with people who have similar interests. It’s often seen as a “judgment-free zone” where, due to the lack of identity on the site, you can really be who you want to be. The only Tumblr URLs I know of people in real life are my close friends and vice versa.

Plus, it’s simple in Tumblr to just change your URL if anyone finds you. Your name isn’t attached to that profile at all so without that URL it is pretty difficult to find you again, especially for the typical parent snooping around. This really helps make the site a place where people can post and support others posts.

A Teenager’s View on Social Media | Marco.org

As a teenager, I escaped from these real-life people, problems, and social statuses to the internet — the last thing I wanted was to be surrounded by them there, too.

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iTunes Tumblr | Apple

itunes on Instagram | Apple

Apple Launches A New Tumblr Site Promoting iTunes | TechCrunch

Pingで失敗したiTunesが再びSNSへ、敏腕ディレクターの手で成功となるか?|GoGo! Machead!

iTunes Storeの楽曲販売を増やすのが目的ならばSNSよりも販売のビジネスモデルを現在求められている売り方に変えたほうが成功するように感じますね。

とにかく、時代遅れになりつつあるiTunes Storeがどう変わっていくかは楽しみではあります。

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