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Touch ID 技術の根底にある Secure Enclave についての詳細な論考・・・

What is Apple’s new Secure Enclave and why is it important? | Quora

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★What is Apple’s new Secure Enclave and why is it important?

– A Seven Year Apple Odyssey That Ended At The Enclave

In the torrent of the billions of words already written about Touch ID very, very few people have really understood just how revolutionary this really is. Apple not only has developed one of the most accurate mass produced biometric security devices, they have also solved critical problems with how the data from this device will be encrypted, stored and secured. Apple Calls this the Secure Enclave and it is a relatively new concept.

– The World Of The Secure Enclave

– iPhone Gets Help From Extra ARMs

– The A7 Was Built For High Security

– How Does The Secure Enclave Work?

– The A7 Is Optimized For Secure Mobile Payments

Thus we can really see just how deep the security runs in DNA of the A7 processor. The deep level hardware based secure architecture is rather rock solid. It would require a rather large magnitude of hardware hacking to even attempt access to the data stored in the Secure Enclave.

– Additional Security

To use Touch ID you will also have to create a passcode as a backup. Only that passcode can unlock the phone if the phone is either rebooted (example full battery drain) or hasn’t been unlocked for 48 hours. This is a genius feature that is meant to set a time limit for criminals if try to find a way to circumvent the fingerprint scanner.

– Huge Developer Opportunity

There are dozens of applications and use cases on the roadmap and I am certain a developer economy will build around this amazing technology. One that is very clear is retail payments and Apple will have quite a number of unique ways they will solve real problems for merchants and iPhone users. I can say this aspect of Touch ID will be more magical then what we have seen thus far. There will be connections to iBeacons and the amazing technology Apple just acquired through Passif.

– Touch ID Is Paradigm Changing

Apple has taken a very slow and methodical approach with the release of Touch ID. We can see that there was a tremendous amount of amazing work that has gone into this project. All of this convergence took over seven years of very hard work. It includes many patent applications, the acquisition of AuthenTec, the selection of the A7 processor and the integration of the TrustZone suite all baked together into what we now know as Touch ID.

This has been a long journey that has only just been made public and I am rather certain that Steve Jobs would be quite proud.

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