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The Story Behind the Apple Store Cube | NYMag

“The point of the meeting,” Shannon recalled, “was that Steve wanted to show Harry what his vision was for that site. We got there and they had this beautiful wood model of the building and plaza, and there’s this 40‐by‐40‐foot glass cube in the middle of the plaza. And Harry knew immediately that that was the right answer. Our original ideas had the glass pavilion closer to the street, because the zon­ing laws required a street wall for that site. And the Apple team put it right in the middle, more like the Louvre…

Macklowe knew that the only major flaw in Jobs’s concept was the size. Forty feet was too big — not just for zoning restrictions but for the scale of the building. No one would like it — not the city, not the tenants. He also knew that talking about it with Jobs wouldn’t get him anywhere. He’d have to show Apple what he meant. He invited Apple’s retail development executives, Ron Johnson and Robert “Rob” Briger, to the building two weeks after the Cupertino meeting, to view a scaffolding mock‐up of the cube — in the dead of night. (Regulations forbade Macklowe to build during the day.)

Around two in the morning, the group met in front of the GM Building. The 40‐foot cube was unveiled. They all agreed it was too big. It obscured the building. Macklowe was grinning. He then gave the signal, and the model was dismantled — only to reveal a 30‐foot cube he had secretly constructed underneath.

His magic trick worked. Apple was sold on the smaller cube.

     *     *     *

そして Shawn King の思い出・・・

The untold story of how the Apple store “Cube” landed in midtown New York | The Loop

I still remember meeting Steve Jobs in New York on Fifth Avenue in 1999 after a Macworld Expo. He and his lovely wife were just standing on the street looking across it and talking. I walked up and introduced myself and we chatted for a few minutes.

It wasn’t until years later I realized they had been standing opposite what would eventually become the Fifth Ave Cube and Jobs was scouting the location.

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[iWatch のコンセプト:image

Ken Segall が新しいカテゴリーのアップル次期製品名について語っている。

iPhone のときと同じく、法的問題があってもアップルは「iWatch」で突き進むだろうと・・・

Observatory: “iWatch: Apple’s next naming drama?” by Ken Segall: 06 May 2014

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iWatch: Apple’s next naming drama?

Ken Segall いわく:

Ken Segall:

第1に、製品名として iWatch はあらゆる意味で iPhone と同じくハッキリしている。アップルはまったく同じ理由からこの名前を望んでいる。アップルがこれから「破壊」しようとするカテゴリーを明示していること。そしてこれまでの素晴らしい “i” 製品群ともうまく響き合うこと。これひとつでマーケティングという意味で大きな働きをしてくれる、そんな名前だ。

First, as product names go, iWatch is every bit as obvious as iPhone was. Apple would desire it for exactly the same reason: it clearly describes the category it is about to disrupt, and it echoes all the i-goodness that came before it. It’s a name that single-handedly does an awful lot of the heavy lifting for the marketing dept.

第2に、iWatch という名前を確保するには巧みに処理する必要がある。Bloomberg によれば、50社をこえる会社が文句をいいそうだ。いちばんの難物は Swatch だ。2009 年以来 iSwatch という製品を発売しているからだ。iWatch という名前を使われると市場で混乱が生じると Swatch は前から文句をいっている。

Second, securing the iWatch name may require some fancy footwork. According to Bloomberg there are more than 50 companies that can lay claim to the name. The biggest one of the bunch is Swatch, which has been marketing a product called iSwatch since 2009. Swatch is already making noise that the name iWatch will cause confusion in the marketplace.

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Ken Segall の意見に対して Shawn King がちょっと気になる発言をしている。

The Loop: “iWatch: Apple’s next naming drama?” by Shawn King: 06 May 2014

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OS ないしはプラットフォームだったら・・・

「iWatch」が製品ではなく OS ないしはプラットフォームであることが明らかになればアップルにとって少しは楽かもしれないが・・・

It will be easier for Apple when it comes to light that “iWatch” isn’t a product but an OS/platform.

     *     *     *

Shawn King のコメントはどう解したらいいか。

スマートウォッチやリストバンド、イヤホンなどではなく「OS/platform」だと理解すると iWatch の姿も少しは見えてくるような気がするのだけれど・・・

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[信じられるのはどのウワサ? | image



そこでひとりの男が声を上げた。Shawn King だ・・・

Stupid Apple Rumors: “So…what’s all this then?” by Shawn King: 27 July 2011

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I have spent a lot of time in the Mac Community. Over twenty years as a user and over fifteen as a “broadcaster” so I’ve seen a lot of information, good and bad, over the years.


One of the biggest frustrations I have is seeing so much bad, erroneous, poorly written and just plain “woolly-headed” information that often passes for news in the Mac Community. Any number of rumor sites have sprung up, any number of “journalists” pontificate, any number of online “sources” spew tidbits of information out to the masses, journalistic and otherwise, who gobble it up whole with no thought to whether it’s even true.


And why not? If the latest Apple rumor gets your site page views (which translate into advertisers/money), if it gets your name mentioned on respected web sites, if it boosts your bottom line and there are *zero* consequences to being wrong – why not throw it against the wall and see what sticks?

     *     *     *


このウェブサイト「Stupid Apple Rumors」(おバカなアップル系ウワサ)は結果を問題にする。

This web site will be about consequences.

情報を追跡して、何が正しかった(正しくなかった)か、内容を理解していた(理解していなかった)のは誰か、あいも変わらずひどいニュースを流し続けるサイトやリポーター、ソースに強く迫ったのは誰か、そういうことを見つけようとするのがこのサイトだ。理想的には、読者がまずここに来て、ウワサが正しいかどうか、その可能性があるか、他にも同じようなウワサがあるか、そんなことがチェックできるサイト「アップル系ウワサの Snopes」(Snopes of Apple Rumors)にしたいと考えている。
[注:あらゆることの真偽を確認できるサイトの先駆け snopes.com から]

It will be about tracking that data and finding out what is and isn’t true, who does and doesn’t know what they are talking about and holding the feet to the fire of those sites, reporters and sources who continue to pass along bad info to their readers. Ideally, we would like to see it become the “Snopes of Apple Rumors” – that is, the place you come to first to see if a rumor is correct, to talk about the rumors, their likelihood and their ramifications with other likeminded readers.

アップルや Macintosh コミュニティにふさわし礼儀正しいやり方で読者が参加されることを希望する。正直で良きジャーナリズムとして役立てていきたい。

We encourage your participation in a respectful manner as we respect Apple and the Macintosh Community and want to see it well served with good, honest journalism.

     *     *     *

Jim Dalrymple が Shawn King の試みに拍手を送っている。

The Loop: “Stupid Apple Rumors tracks the accuracy of rumor stories” by Jim Dalrymple: 27 July 2011

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ポッドキャスト Your Mac Life のホスト Shawn King が新しいプロジェクトを開始した。「おバカなアップル系ウワサ」(Stupid Apple Rumors)がそうだ。King の目的はアップルのウワサを追跡し、やがてそのウワサがどの程度正確だったかを記録することだ。それだけではない。特定のサイトや個人がウワサを伝えるにあたって正確だったかどうかも追跡する。挙げ句「ウワサの尻馬に乗る」というセクションも設けて、ウワサに特段付け加えることもしないでオウム返しに繰り返しだけのサイトも明らかにしようとする。

Your Mac Life host Shawn King has a new project he’s calling “Stupid Apple Rumors.” King’s goal is track Apple rumors and record, over time, how accurate the rumor is. That’s not all — he will also track how accurate a particular site and individual authors are in reporting rumors. To top it off, King has a section for sites that “ride the coattails” of a story. In other words, sites that parrot a rumor without adding anything to the story.


This, my friends, is going to be interesting.

     *     *     *

Stupid Apple Rumors をチェックして具体例をご覧ください。

9月5日 iPhone 5 出荷のウワサなど格好の材料かもしれない。


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