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Shawn Blanc が微笑ましくて、ちょっと考えさせられる話を載せている。

Shawn Blanc: “Grandpa’s iPad” by Shawn Blanc: 23 January 2014

     *     *     *


私の祖父は法的には「盲目」だ。実際はやっとのことで見える程度。大型字本を読むときは、ほとんど鼻先において見る感じ。古いウェスタン映画の VHS コレクションを見るときも、大型テレビの60センチほど手前に座るありさま。

My grandpa is legally blind. He can see, but poorly. When he reads books they are the extra large print editions, and he holds them so close they’re practically resting on his nose. And when he watches an old western film from his VHS collection he sits about two feet away from his big-screen TV.

     *     *     *



Last weekend, while in Colorado visiting family, we had a big family dinner at my parent’s house. I loaded my 2-year-old son, Noah, into the car and we drove to pick up my Grandpa from his apartment and bring him over for dinner.


My Grandparents’ homes were always filled with seemingly floor to ceiling photos of family. And his current apartment is no different. There are picture frames on the table and on the desk and on the dresser, and snapshots of grandchildren have been printed out (with the help of more tech-savvy relatives) and thumb-tacked to the walls.

     *     *     *

帽子、歩行器・・・そして iPad

祖父がアパートで身の回りのものをそろえている間ノアを抱いて待っていた。コートに帽子、歩行器・・・そして彼の新しい iPad だ。

At the apartment, I held Noah while my Grandpa gathered his things — his coat, hat, and walker. And, a new item now: his iPad.

iPad は伯母からのプレゼント。第3世代の iPad だがあまり使わないので、祖父にとあげたもの。(大きなテレビリモコン代わりだったのかも。)

The iPad was a gift from my aunt. It’s a 3rd generation and she doesn’t use it that often so she gave it to him hoping he could use it. (Perhaps as a giant remote control for the TV?)

     *     *     *



But my Grandpa discovered a use for it that none of us had considered. It is the best camera he’s ever owned.

アパートを出る前に、ノアと私は写真のためにポーズしなければならなかった。iPad を眼前30センチくらいのところに構えて、祖父は何枚も写真を撮った。

Before leaving the apartment, Noah and I had to pose for a picture. Holding the iPad about 10 inches in front of his face, my Grandpa snapped a few photos.

     *     *     *

iPad で写真だって?

iPad で写真を撮るひとがいることは知っていた。そんな写真を見たことがあるからだ。でもちょっと不自然でおかしいと感じたものだ。

I know there are people out there who take pictures using their iPads, because I’ve seen — ahem — pictures of them doing it. But I’ve always thought it a bit funny and awkward.

そんな私が、いま iPad で写真を撮ってもらうためにポーズしている!

And there I was. Posing to have my picture taken with an iPad.

笑いたくなったが、そんなこと出来るだろうか? 祖父が孫やひ孫の写真を iPad で撮りたいというのなら構わないではないか? 少なくとも自分はそう思う。

At first, I wanted to snicker. But how could I? If my Grandpa wants to use an iPad to take a picture of his grandson and great grandson, then who cares? Certainly not me.

     *     *     *

iPad のおかげで


Back at my parent’s house, my Grandpa continued to spend the first part of the evening taking everyone’s picture. Several of my cousins were there, and many of us don’t get to see my Grandpa more often than every couple of months, if not longer. It was a prime time for snapshots.

その後ノアは iPad のおかげで祖父と仲良く盛り上がっていた。(どの親でも知っているように、iPad や iPhone は幼児にとってすぐ夢中になれる存在だ。ノアはもう iOS を使いこなしていて、歩きはじめる前からスライドしてロック解除することができた。)iPad のおかげで祖父はノアを自分のそばにおいて、カメラロールの写真をフリップしたりして過ごすことができた。

Later, Noah quickly warmed up to my Grandpa thanks to the iPad. (As any parent knows, iPads and iPhones are captivating to a toddler. Noah is already quite fluent with iOS and has been sliding to unlock since before he could walk.) The iPad was a way for my Grandpa to spend some time with Noah at his side, as the two of them flipped through the camera roll.

     *     *     *



With a smile, I’ve been thinking about that evening for the past week.

iPad のおかげで、祖父はかつて出来なかったことができるようになった。9.7 インチのタッチスクリーンは祖父を写真家に変えたのだ。

My Grandpa’s iPad has enabled him to do something that he’s been unable to do for as long as I can remember. The 9.7-inch touch screen has turned my Grandpa into a photographer.


The screen is large enough that he can see well enough to actually frame and take pictures. And then he has them right there, on that same large screen, where he can browse through them any time he wants.

     *     *     *



To me, that’s pretty magical.

     *     *     *


目の悪い Shawn Blanc の祖父の場合はカメラというワケだ。

そういえば、アップルの新しいコマーシャル「iPad 讃歌」(Your Verse)でも、カメラとして iPad が使われる場面がいくつも登場する。しかもプロが使う場面で。

John Gruber の次のようなコメントももっともだと思う。

     *     *     *

iPad にも最新のカメラを

iPad をメインのカメラとして使う人がたくさんいることを考えると、アップルは最新型の iPhone で使っているカメラを同年型の iPad モデルにも搭載してくれたらどんなにいいだろうと思う。それに Blanc の祖父みたいなひとたちは、撮った写真をどうやってバックアップしているのだろうと心配になってしまう。

With so many people using their iPads as their primary cameras, I really hope Apple can figure out a way to get the same camera used in the top-of-the-line iPhone into the same model year’s new iPads. And I worry about how someone like Blanc’s grandfather is backing up those photos.

     *     *     *

障害者と iPad の関わりは予期せぬ使い方の最たるものではないだろうか。「ハン・ソロになりたい」という Owen 少年の願いをことばに表わせたのも iPad のおかげだった。

目の悪い筆者が iPhone を音の世界へのガイドとして使っているのも予期せぬ使い方のひとつかも。


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