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自らも優れたプログラマーである Marco Arment が iOS アプリの価格のあり方について心情を吐露している

Marco.org: “Underscore Price Dynamics” by Marco Arment: 28 September 2013

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[…] but you would not believe how many people I’ve met over the last few years who have said the exact same things to me. This is definitely the majority opinion:

・iOS アプリに数ドル以上の価値があると考えるひとは誰もいない。(たったそれだけの価値ですら。)たかがチッポケな電話アプリじゃないかというワケだ。

– Nobody thinks iOS software is worth more than a few dollars, if even that much. It’s “just” a little app on a phone.

・有料アプリを見つけたらまずタダのバージョンを探すひとがほとんどだ。(たいていの場合何かひとつは見つかる。)iPhone や iPad いっぱいのアプリを持っていても有料アプリはひとつも買ったことのないひとがたくさんいる。

– Almost everyone, when presented with a paid-up-front app, will first seek a free alternative. (Usually, they’ll find one.) Many people with iPhones and iPads full of apps have never bought a single paid-up-front one.


– Customers hate the current method of paid “upgrades” (pulling the previous version from the store and putting up a new, separate paid-up-front app).


– These objections don’t apply nearly as much to in-app purchase.

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I’m sure of one thing, though: the market for paid-up-front apps appealing to mass consumers is gone. If you have paid apps in the store, you’ve probably seen the writing on the wall for a while.


That model made sense when there were fewer apps available, but now that there are plenty of free and good-enough versions of almost anything, it’s a different game. Apps targeting niche markets can still find enough paying customers to stay alive if they’re much better than any free alternatives, but the number of apps in that situation is always shrinking.

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アップルがアプリの有料アップグレードに関心を持たない本当の理由はそこにある — 顧客からの要求がないということだ。無料アプリは有料アプリの何層倍もダウンロードされるのがマーケットの常だ。無料アプリでアプリ内課金をうまく使った方がよりカネが稼げる。時が経つにつれてこの傾向は一層強く、ハッキリしてくるだろう。

This is the real reason why Apple doesn’t care about upgrade pricing: there’s no demand from customers. The market has shown that free apps will be downloaded at least an order of magnitude more than paid-up-front apps, and smart use of in-app purchase in a free app is likely to make more money. Over time, this trend has only become stronger and more clear.

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iOS の有料アプリは十分善戦した。しかしそれも終わりだ。新しいやり方を考えるときだ。

Paid-up-front iOS apps had a great run, but it’s over. Time to make other plans.

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優れたアプリ開発者である Marco Arment のいうことだけに考えさせられる。

John Gruber とその仲間が出した「Vesper」でデバイス間の Sync が可能になったとき、彼らは有料アップグレード方式をとるのだろうか・・・

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