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Mobile Payment Startup Venmo Is Killing Cash | Businessweek

“Instead of someone saying to another person, ‘Send me some money,’ they’re saying, ‘Venmo me,’ ” says Jordan McKee, a senior analyst at tech consulting firm Yankee Group. “Any time your brand becomes a verb, you’ve made a pretty profound impact.”



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Google Wallet API for digital goods will be retired on March 2, 2015 | VentureBeat

Google has quietly revealed it plans to retire the Google Wallet API for digital goods on March 2, 2015.

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[WSJD Live で語る Tim Cook:WSJ Video

小売りチェーンが Apple Pay を締め出したことについて、Tim Cook が WSJD Live イベントで語っている。

Tim Cook on Retailers That Refuse Apple Pay | WSJ Video

・他の全部をひっくるめてもアップルが非接触型決済(”contactless” payments)のナンバーワンだ

     *     *     *

John Gruber のコメント。

Tim Cook: Apple Pay Is Already the Leader in Contactless Payments | Daring Fireball


たった一週間でアップルはマーケットリーダーになった。何年も前から存在している Google Wallet などと同じシステムを使って。(アプリ内の話だけでなく)実際の小売り現場で使えるのは出てひと月の iPhone 6 デバイスだけだ。

One week, and Apple is already the market leader — using the same systems that Google Wallet and whatever else is out there have been using for years. And in retail locations (as opposed to within apps) it only works with one-month-old iPhone 6 devices.

     *     *     *

Touch ID の重要性

特段技術的な新機軸はない、Apple Pay は Google Wallet とほぼ同じで、違うのは Touch ID だけだというひとがいる。Apple Pay の成功をもたらした Touch ID(およびそれに付随するセキュリティ確保策)の重要性をそんな片づけ方をするのはナンセンスだ。仮に議論を進めるため Apple Pay には特段新しい技術が含まれていないとしても、アップルが突破口を開いたことは大いに賞賛に値すると思う。

I’ve seen people arguing that Apple hasn’t really brought much to the table here, that Apple Pay is nearly the same as Google Wallet except for Touch ID. I think it’s nonsense to dismiss the importance of Touch ID (and the secure element that goes along with it) to the success of Apple Pay. But even if we concede for the sake of argument that there’s nothing technologically novel involved with Apple Pay, the company still deserves enormous credit for making a breakthrough.

     *     *     *


これは単なるマーケティングの話に過ぎない。アップルが Apple Pay のような新しい機能をユーザーに知らせられること、最初から数多くの全国チェーンと提携できること、そんなことに過ぎないというひとがいる。しかしこのどれをとっても「単に・・・過ぎない」という話ではない。ユーザーに新しい機能を知らしめるのは容易なことではない。パートナーと組むのも容易ではない。最初の一か月で最新の電話を数千万台を売るのも簡単なことではない。

It’s just marketing, and Apple’s ability to let their users know about new features like Apple Pay, and their ability to partner with a bunch of nationwide chains right off the bat. There’s no “just” about any of that. Getting users to know about new features is not easy. Getting partners on board is not easy. Selling tens of millions of brand-new phones in the first month is not easy.

     *     *     *


プリンの味は食べてみなければ分からない。NFC[Near field communication:近距離無線通信、非接触通信]ターミナルが商店に導入されて久しいが、ほとんど使われてこなかった。それなのに Apple Pay が利用可能になるやたったの一週間で iPhone はマーケットリーダーになってしまったのだ。

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. These NFC terminals have been in stores for years, and never became popular. Then Apple Pay went live one week ago, and the iPhone is already the market leader.

     *     *     *

Tim Cook は相変わらず簡明直截だ・・・

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[QR コードを読ませる CurrentC:TechCrunch


片や Apple Pay を出したばかりのアップル、片や来年導入予定の CurrentC をサポートする企業連合だ。

CurrentC は Merchant Customer Exchange と呼ばれる企業連合が考案したクレジットカードに代わるモバイル決済システムで、クレジットカードを排除してカード会社に対する手数料をなくしようとするもの。

ドラッグストアチェーンの CVS や Rite Aid から始まった Apple Pay 締め出し(Google Wallet も)の動きは、今後 Walmart、Kmart、7-Eleven、Best Buy などを初めとする広い範囲に波及しそうな気配だという。


それらの記事の中で John Gruber の分析がとても興味深い。

Retailers Are Disabling NFC to Block Apple Pay | Daring Fireball

     *     *     *


QR コードだって。まあ頑張ってくれ。それに CurrentC はクレジットカードでは使えない。預金口座と直結したプリペイドカードやデビットカードだけが対象だ。Apple Pay はクレジットカードシステムの上に構築されている。CurrentC の方はクレジットカードを排除しようとする試みだ。不毛だと言わざるを得ない。

QR codes. Good luck with that. Plus, CurrentC doesn’t even work with credit cards — it only works with prepaid store cards and debit cards tied directly to your bank account. Apple Pay is built atop the credit card system; CurrentC is an attempt — futile, I say — to eliminate credit cards.

     *     *     *

複雑な CurrentC

アップルがやろうとしているのは(どの業界もそうではない)、クレジットカードを使うのよりずっと容易かつ便利な場合にのみモバイルデバイスを決済に使うことだ。CurrentC では、まず電話のロックを外し、アプリを起動して、カメラを QR コードに向けて、そして待つ必要がある。Apple Payだと、電話を取り出して親指を Touch ID センサーに当てるだけでいい。

What Apple gets and what no one else in the industry does is that using your mobile device for payments will only work if it’s far easier and better than using a credit card. With CurrentC, you’ll have to unlock your phone, launch their app, point your camera at a QR code, and wait. With Apple Pay, you just take out your phone and put your thumb on the Touch ID sensor.

     *     *     *


Cook が先月 Apple Pay を紹介した際に言ったことは正しい — これが唯一顧客体験を考えてデザインされたモバイル決済の解決方法だと。CurrentC は顧客データの収集を念頭においてデザインされ、その見返りにクーポンやいろいろなジャンクを提供する。例えば CVS のレシートはこんな感じだ。まるでジョークみたいだが本当だ。彼らがモバイル決済に持ち込もうとしているのはそんなユーザー体験だ。

Tim Cook was exactly right on stage last month when he introduced Apple Pay: it’s the only mobile payment solution designed around improving the customer experience. CurrentC is designed around the collection of customer data and the ability to offer coupons and other junk. Here is what a printed receipt from CVS looks like. It looks like a joke, but that’s for real. And that’s the sort of experience they want to bring to mobile payments.

     *     *     *


もし自分の読みが正しければ、これらの小売りチェーンは NFC を利用した決済システムを締め出そうとしているのだ。そのことが Apple Pay が実際に使えるものであり、現に使われていることを証明していると思う。それに Apple Pay が使えるのは発売されてまだひと月もたたない iPhone 6 だけだ。1年後、2年後に Apple Pay が大多数の iPhone で使えるようになったとしたらどうなるか・・・

If I’m reading this right, and I think I am, these retailers who are shutting down their NFC payment systems are validating that Apple Pay is actually working, that people are actually using it. And remember, it only works with the month-old iPhones 6. Think about what happens a year or two from now when a majority of iPhones in use are Apple Pay enabled.

     *     *     *

Apple Pay を使わせるぐらいなら

彼らは何をしようとしているのか。彼らは NFC 決済システムそのものを — それも丸ごと — 排除しようとしているのだ。みんなが実際には Apple Pay を使っているからというたったそれだけの理由で。Apple Pay は非常によくできているので提携会社でなくても使える。それに対して彼らのシステムは何年も前から導入されているのにほとんど使われないので、Apple Pay を使わせるぐらいなら皆をブロックしてしまえとこの小売商たちが考えたのは明らかだ。Apple Pay の魅力を証明するこれ以上のやり方があるだろうか。

Think about what they’re doing. They’re turning off NFC payment systems — the whole thing — only because people were actually using them with Apple Pay. Apple Pay works so well that it even works with non-partner systems. These things have been installed for years and so few people used them, apparently, that these retailers would rather block everyone than allow Apple Pay to continue working. I can’t imagine a better validation of Apple Pay’s appeal.

     *     *     *


しかも Apple Pay を認めたくないのは、アップルが彼らに顧客の個人情報をくれないからだ。セキュリティが問題なのではない — 米国のどのクレジットカード・デビットカードより Apple Pay ははるかに安全だ。カネが問題なのでもない — アップルの手に入る僅かばかりの決済費用は小売商からではなく、銀行から得られるのだ。問題はデータなのだ。

And the reason they don’t want to allow Apple Pay is because Apple Pay doesn’t give them any personal information about the customer. It’s not about security — Apple Pay is far more secure than any credit/debit card system in the U.S. It’s not about money — Apple’s tiny slice of the transaction comes from the banks, not the merchants. It’s about data.

彼らがそうするのは、安全性がより低く(サードパーティ製アプリでは Apple Pay に収納されているクレジットカードデータにアクセスできないのがその一例)、より不便で(QR コードのような)、より秘密でない、そんなシステムを彼らが求めているからだ。

They’re doing this so they can pursue a system that is less secure (third-party apps don’t have access to the secure element where Apple Pay stores your credit card data, for one thing), less convenient (QR codes?), and not private.

     *     *     *

Apple Pay を排除しても・・・

CVS や Rite Aid が悔し紛れに Apple Pay を無力にしたことで顧客がドラッグストアを変更する(Walgreens は Apple Pay の提携会社)かどうかは分からない。しかしそれによって CurrentC がさらに訴求力を増したりしないことだけは確かだ。

I don’t know that CVS and Rite Aid disabling Apple Pay out of spite is going to drive customers to switch pharmacies (Walgreens is an Apple Pay partner), but I do know that CurrentC is unlikely to ever gain any traction whatsoever.

     *     *     *

モバイル決済分野にアップルが参入したばかりなのにこうした動きになったのはそれだけ Apple Pay に対する危機感が強いからだろう。

アップルの「新しいカテゴリー製品 Apple Pay」はどういう展開をたどるのだろうか・・・

     *     *     *



     *     *     *

Erick Schonfeld @erickschonfeld

Mobile wallet wars begin “@MacRumors: CVS Stores Reportedly Disabling NFC to Shut Down Apple Pay and Google Wallet

Matthew Panzarino @panzer

iPhone が登場したときのキーボード付き電話メーカーの反応が思い出される
Retail chains that are boycotting Apple Pay are like phone makers that refused to give up physical keyboards.

Benedict Evans @BenedictEvans

Few things are more predictable than the failure of a tech product made by an industry consortium of non-tech companies.

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Tim Cook

[Apple Pay:New York Post

新しいカテゴリーの製品「Apple Pay」について、Tim Cook が決算発表の Q&A でより詳しく答えている。

また Jason Snell のまとめから・・・

This is Tim: Apple’s CEO answers the analysts | Six Colors

     *     *     *

Apple Pay について

On Apple Pay:

なによりも私たちが Apple Pay で達成しようと望んだのは、消費者にとって信じられないほど素晴らしい体験です。ですからエレガントシンプルなものにすべく最大の努力を傾注しました。試してみればお分かりになると思います。週末に私自分も試してみましたが、結果はすばらしいものでした。

What we wanted to achieve with Apple Pay was, first and foremost, to have an incredible consumer experience. And so we focused very much on on making it elegant and simple. And hopefully your trials have proven that. I know I used it over the weekend and it worked fantastically.


We also wanted to focus on security and privacy. And so we see huge issues with the security of the traditional credit-card system. And many people that have entered mobile payments are doing so in a way that they want to monetize the data that they collect from the customers. And we think customers in general do not want this. That they’d like to keep their data private.


And so we wanted to have ease of use, security, and privacy, and maximize all three. By doing so, we think we will sell more devices, because we think it’s a killer feature. It’s far better than reaching in your pocketbook and trying to find the card that you’re looking for and half the time it not working.


We do not charge the customer for the benefit, we do not charge the merchant for the benefit. However, there are commercial terms between Apple and the issuing banks. But we’re not disclosing what they are. Like any other contractual arrangement, those are a private sort of thing.


We see it as an incredible service that is the most customer-centric mobile payment system that there is. And we’re very proud of it and can’t wait to sign up more retailers and also extend it around the world.

     *     *     *

Cook らしく率直に、しかしはっきりと語っている・・・

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[iPhone Secure Enclave:Quora

Touch ID 技術の根底にある Secure Enclave についての詳細な論考・・・

What is Apple’s new Secure Enclave and why is it important? | Quora

     *     *     *

★What is Apple’s new Secure Enclave and why is it important?

– A Seven Year Apple Odyssey That Ended At The Enclave

In the torrent of the billions of words already written about Touch ID very, very few people have really understood just how revolutionary this really is. Apple not only has developed one of the most accurate mass produced biometric security devices, they have also solved critical problems with how the data from this device will be encrypted, stored and secured. Apple Calls this the Secure Enclave and it is a relatively new concept.

– The World Of The Secure Enclave

– iPhone Gets Help From Extra ARMs

– The A7 Was Built For High Security

– How Does The Secure Enclave Work?

– The A7 Is Optimized For Secure Mobile Payments

Thus we can really see just how deep the security runs in DNA of the A7 processor. The deep level hardware based secure architecture is rather rock solid. It would require a rather large magnitude of hardware hacking to even attempt access to the data stored in the Secure Enclave.

– Additional Security

To use Touch ID you will also have to create a passcode as a backup. Only that passcode can unlock the phone if the phone is either rebooted (example full battery drain) or hasn’t been unlocked for 48 hours. This is a genius feature that is meant to set a time limit for criminals if try to find a way to circumvent the fingerprint scanner.

– Huge Developer Opportunity

There are dozens of applications and use cases on the roadmap and I am certain a developer economy will build around this amazing technology. One that is very clear is retail payments and Apple will have quite a number of unique ways they will solve real problems for merchants and iPhone users. I can say this aspect of Touch ID will be more magical then what we have seen thus far. There will be connections to iBeacons and the amazing technology Apple just acquired through Passif.

– Touch ID Is Paradigm Changing

Apple has taken a very slow and methodical approach with the release of Touch ID. We can see that there was a tremendous amount of amazing work that has gone into this project. All of this convergence took over seven years of very hard work. It includes many patent applications, the acquisition of AuthenTec, the selection of the A7 processor and the integration of the TrustZone suite all baked together into what we now know as Touch ID.

This has been a long journey that has only just been made public and I am rather certain that Steve Jobs would be quite proud.

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