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Citizenfour Official Trailer 1 (2014) – Edward Snowden Documentary HD | YouTube

‘Citizenfour’ Trailer Released Ahead Of Laura Poitras’ Edward Snowden Film | The Huffington Post

[…] Snowden contacted her under the name “citizen four.”

When she and Glenn Greenwald flew to Hong Kong in June 2013, she brought her camera with her. The result is a film unlike anything done before.

Citizenfour review – Poitras’ victorious film shows Snowden vindicated | theguardian.com

The Virtual Interview: Edward Snowden – The New Yorker Festival | YouTube

スノーデンのプライバシーに関する助言:Dropboxは捨てろ、FacebookとGoogleには近づくな | TechCrunch

These Are the Emails Snowden Sent to First Introduce His Epic NSA Leaks | WIRED


At this stage I can offer nothing more than my word. I am a senior government employee in the intelligence community. I hope you understand that contacting you is extremely high risk and you are willing to agree to the following precautions before I share more. This will not be a waste of your time…

Citizen Four

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