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無人機 Global Hawk


NYTimes.com: “U.S. Flights Over Plant Gather Crucial Data” by David E. Sanger and William J. Broad: 17 March 2011

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“What you are seeing are desperate efforts — just throwing everything at it in hopes something will work,” said one American official with long nuclear experience, who would not speak for attribution. “Right now this is more prayer than plan.”

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After a day in which American and Japanese officials had radically different assessments of the danger of what is spewing from the plants, the two governments attempted Thursday to join forces. Experts met in Tokyo to compare notes. The United States, with Japanese permission, began to put the intelligence-collection aircraft over the site, in hopes of gaining a view for Washington as well as its allies in Tokyo that did not rely on the announcements of officials from the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Officials say they suspect that company has consistently underestimated the risk and moved too slowing to contain the damage.

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Global Hawk はスパイにも使われる


通常北朝鮮の核兵器施設を偵察するのに用いられる無人機 Global Hawk や U-2 スパイ機が原子炉の上空を飛行するミッションに当たった。地震、津波、それに加えて原子力災害に対して日本政府が対応策を策定するのに役立てようというものだ。

Aircraft normally used to monitor North Korea’s nuclear weapons activities — a Global Hawk drone and U-2 spy planes — were flying missions over the reactor, trying to help the Japanese government map out its response to the quake, the tsunami and now the nuclear disaster.

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