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[ロンドンの Design Museum で語る Jony Ive:Dezeen

Design Museum の スピーチには、Jony Ive のデザイン哲学が凝縮されている。


Design education is “tragic”, says Jonathan Ive | Dezeen

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On the creative process


“I’ve been lucky enough to have been doing this for a while now. But I still think it’s the most extraordinary process. The way that it comes from nothing. When you step back and you think about it, it’s bizarre, that it’s Wednesday afternoon at 3 and there’s nothing. There is nothing at all. And then at 5, there’s an idea.

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“You can distill that idea into a few sentences. It’s a very fragile process, because sentences are sometimes easier to mess up than an object.

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“By the time we get to the end of the year, a small decision that you made right at the beginning defines an entirely different product. Particularly at the beginning of ideas, we have to have incredible discipline to listen really hard. To realise we can end up somewhere very different if we make these decisions. This is part of what I like about being involved in product design – it always starts off as a conversation and a thought.

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“I don’t know anybody who has just had an idea and then will stand up in front of a group of people and try to explain this vague thought. So it tends to be exclusive and fragile. When you make the very first physical manifestation of what the idea was, everything changes. It’s the most profound shift. Because it’s not exclusive any more. It’s not so open to interpretation. It’s there, and it includes a lot of people. The ideas aren’t the most difficult bit. It’s the actually making them real. Giving an idea body is very hard.”

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はかなくもろいアイデアをどうやって誰もが理解できる具体的なモノに変えるか・・・Jony Ive がモノ作りにこだわる理由はこれだろう。


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