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[ジョブズについて語る Aaron Sorkin:Bloomberg Video

ソニーのジョブズ伝記映画の脚本家 Aaron Sorkin が、かの有名なジョブズのスタンフォード大卒業式スピーチを手伝ったことを明かしている。

Aaron Sorkin on Steve Jobs Biopic: You Could Do Ten Movies | Bloomberg Video

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Aaron Sorkin: “The third time [Steve Jobs] called me was to ask me to help him write his commencement address at Stanford. … Honestly, I fixed a couple of typos in the speech — I don’t want to suggest for a moment that any of those thoughts were my thoughts. That is the brain of Steve Jobs. And [I] helped him put the music to it.”

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ちなみに Walter Isaacson の書いたジョブズの公認伝記本によれば:

・‘Steve Jobs’ by Walter Isaacson: Simon & Schuster

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For help with the speech, he called the brilliant scriptwriter Aaron Sorkin (A Few Good Men, The West Wing). Jobs sent him some thoughts. “That was in February, and I heard nothing, so I ping him again in April, and he says, ‘Oh, yeah,’ and I send him a few more thoughts,” Jobs recounted. “I finally get him on the phone, and he keeps saying ‘Yeah,’ but finally it’s the beginning of June, and he never sent me anything.”

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ジョブズはパニックになった。プレゼンテーションの原稿はいつも自分が書くが、卒業式でなにをしゃべればいいかわからなかったからだ。ある晩、意を決して原稿を書いた — アイデアを妻にぶつけ、その意見を聞きながら。こうして、わかりやすくて人間味にあふれるスピーチが生まれた。スティーブ・ジョブズという完璧な製品に対する個人的な思いを飾らずつづったスピーチだ。[井口耕二訳]

Jobs got panicky. He had always written his own presentations, but he had never done a commencement address. One night he sat down and wrote the speech himself, with no help other than bouncing ideas off his wife. As a result, it turned out to be a very intimate and simple talk, with the unadorned and personal feel of a perfect Steve Jobs product.

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Walter Isaacson が書いた伝記本の映画化の脚本を Aaron Sorkin が手掛けるのもそれなりの理由があった。



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