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Thomas Piketty, the Economist Behind ‘Capital in the Twenty-First Century’ Is the Latest Overnight Intellectual Sensation | NYTimes.com

Mr. Piketty is by no means the first intellectual to have attained celebrity. But he may be the first to see his ideas — and his headshot — go viral. There was (must it be said?) no Twitter in 1964…

And what of Mr. Piketty? The ingredients of superstardom are all there. His big argument, made in surprisingly digestible prose, that “the rich get richer” is no mere throwaway line in the have-nots’ lyric of resentment but an iron law of the free-market system. His warning of calamitous “drift toward oligarchy” comes at a time when income inequality has begun to dominate public discussion and when the “war on poverty,” now 50 years old, has brought back memories of an activist government unafraid to address grave social ills.

If Mr. Piketty’s forthrightness suits the moment, so does his appetite for data. In the age of the cool-geek statistical wizardry of Ezra Klein and Nate Silver, Mr. Piketty has outdone them all, with his 15 years of research covering 30 countries (and counting). At the same time, his decision to spare readers the details of mathematical “modeling” (he directs readers to a website) shows a savvy awareness of 21st-century attention spans.

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