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なんかスゴいことが起こりそう。(Something big might be happening.)・・・オモシロいっ!

How Bitcoin’s Blockchain Could Power an Alternate Internet | Medium

There is a contingent on today’s Internet—a minority, perhaps, but influential—who believe that the industry took a wrong turn over the past decade. That an Internet dominated by a few big companies is an unhealthy one. That the centralized-computing paradigm—of privately owned data silos housed in giant server farms that harvest our personal data in order to sell ads—is one that needs to change.

The entrepreneurs, coders and crypto experts leading the blockchain charge — I shall call them blockchainiacs, because they need a name — see this new technology as an antidote, and they are hopped up on dizzying visions of a disrupted future. (One sure sign that this technology has achieved geek-cred critical mass: The tech publisher O’Reilly just announced a new conference on the topic.)

1. Disrupt the banks! — distributed finance
2. Redeem the Net! — distributed data and identity
3. Crypto-utopia, yo! — distributed everything

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