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ちなみに年俸 920 万ドルって10億円超だよ・・・

Apple CEO Tim Cook made $9.2 million in 2014 as new retail chief & other execs increase earnings | 9to5Mac

According to the report, Apple CEO Time Cook made a total of $9.2 million during the year including $1.7 million in salary and the rest in additional forms of compensation. Cook comes in behind new retail chief Angela Ahrendts with $73 million, which includes $400K salary, a $500k bonus, and the rest in stock and other forms of compensation that she picked up when joining the company.

Other executives listed include Senior Vice President of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue and Senior Vice President of Operations Jeff Williams who both made a total of $24 million during Apple’s fiscal 2014 after stock awards and additional compensation beyond salaries.

APPLE INC – FORM DEF 14A (Proxy Statement (definitive)) | EDGAR Online

Tim Cook CEOの2014年の報酬の合計は920万ドル(約11億円) 、他の役員の報酬も明らかに | Linkman

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Philip Elmer-DeWitt が次のビデオを引いて皮肉タップリに・・・

Apple, Tim Cook and the wealth distribution curve | Fortune

Wealth Inequality in America | YouTube

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