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Apple targets for Apple Watch battery life revealed, A5-caliber CPU inside | 9to5Mac

Our sources say that Apple is targeting 2.5 hours of “heavy” application use, such as processor-intensive gameplay, or 3.5 hours of standard app use…

Sources tell us that battery life has remained a source of concern for Apple over the past year, and was a contributing factor for Apple pushing back the retail launch from an originally planned late 2014 to early 2015…

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 ・Battery life: Apple’s solving for x | Six Colors

Meanwhile, if you take a look at the quoted battery life for the iPad, you’ll find that Apple’s definitely solving for 10 hours of battery life. That was the quoted number for the very first iPad, and with some slight variation (occasionally it’s nine!), it’s been so ever since. Apple keeps making the iPad thinner and lighter, with just enough battery to claim 10 hours of life, no more.

So when you’re anticipating the next model of iPhone or iPad, and wondering if it’ll show markedly improved battery life, keep this in mind: So far Apple has behaved as if the battery life of the iPad and the iPhone are perfectly fine as is, and that it would prefer to create a thinner and lighter model to one that puts the makers of external battery packs out of business.

Except for that iPhone 6 Plus. That thing’s a monster.

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