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Cult of Mac: “New In iOS 6: App Store Doesn’t Require A Password To Download Free Apps” by Killian Bell: 23 July 2012

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iOS 6 beta 1 が6月初旬に登場したとき、App Store から購入済みのもの、あるいはアップデートのダウンロードに関しては iTunes パスワードが不要になることを Cult of Mac で触れた。iOS 6 beta 3 では、それが無料アプリにも適用される。

Shortly after iOS 6 beta 1 made its debut in early June, Cult of Mac reported that users are no longer required to enter their iTunes password when downloading updates or previous purchases from the App Store. In iOS 6 beta 3, Apple has expanded this feature to cover free apps, too.

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In the latest release, users no longer need to enter their password to download free apps — regardless of whether they’ve owned them before or not.

iOS 6 では有料アプリ以外はパスワード入力を必要としないというワケだ。これは便利だね。

This means that in iOS 6, the only time you’ll need to enter your password in the App Store is to download a paid app. Isn’t that handy?

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エコシステムとしての App Store はますます便利になる・・・

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