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How “omnipotent” hackers tied to NSA hid for 14 years—and were found at last | Ars Technica

“Equation Group” ran the most advanced hacking operation ever uncovered.

U.S. Embedded Spyware Overseas, Report Claims | NYTimes.com

The United States has found a way to permanently embed surveillance and sabotage tools in computers and networks it has targeted in Iran, Russia, Pakistan, China, Afghanistan and other countries closely watched by American intelligence agencies, according to a Russian cybersecurity firm.

In a presentation of its findings at a conference in Mexico on Monday, Kaspersky Lab, the Russian firm, said that the implants had been placed by what it called the “Equation Group,” which appears to be a veiled reference to the National Security Agency and its military counterpart, United States Cyber Command.

Equation Group: The Crown Creator of Cyber-Espionage | Kaspersky Lab

Surprise! America Already Has a Manhattan Project for Developing Cyber Attacks | WIRED

世界で最も高度かつプロのサイバー攻撃集団The Equation Group–その正体は | ZDNet Japan

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