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Rethinking office space | Official Google Blog

The idea is simple. Instead of constructing immoveable concrete buildings, we’ll create lightweight block-like structures which can be moved around easily as we invest in new product areas. (Our self-driving car team, for example, has very different needs when it comes to office space from our Search engineers.) Large translucent canopies will cover each site, controlling the climate inside yet letting in light and air. With trees, landscaping, cafes, and bike paths weaving through these structures, we aim to blur the distinction between our buildings and nature.

North Bayshore campus proposal | Google+

Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore | YouTube

Google Plans New Headquarters, and a City Fears Being Overrun | NYTimes.com


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[在庫切れの Nexus 5 | Google Play

グーグルの純正 Android フォン(”clean Android” phones)が姿を消してしまった

Smartphones: Apple Knows What It’s Doing, Google Doesn’t | Seeking Alpha

The decline in Google’s stock price in 2014 has been sad to watch. Google started out the year at the pinnacle of the smartphone world, with Apple badly behind on multiple fronts.

Then, for reasons unknown, Google lost its way. I can’t see a single smart product management decision Google has made in 2014, as it relates to selling phones directly to the consumer. It’s in the process of killing every single product Android enthusiasts and developers love, replacing them all with one single product that almost nobody likes.

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Google sold more Chromebooks to US schools than Apple did iPads in Q3 | 9to5Google

Apple pivoting iPad education strategy to regain its footing | Yahoo News

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Thoughts on Google+ | Medium

I fucked up. So has Google.

To my point, most people would likely describe Google+ as a newsfeed, a kind of Facebook-lite… Why did the world need another Facebook, unless to benefit Google by making their ad targeting more effective?

Lately, I just feel like Google+ is confused and adrift at sea. It’s so far behind, how can it possibly catch up?

So the fundamental problem that I have with Google+ is that I just don’t understand it. And what I don’t understand makes me nervous — and should make you nervous too.

In scathing critique, former Googler says Google+ “has lost its way” | VentureBeat


So many words, so much naïveté, on Google+.

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Google Glass Is Dead; Long Live Smart Glasses | MIT Technology Review

Seeing a computer on your face makes some people, for various reasons, extremely annoyed. The “explorers” have become widely known as “glassholes.”

But despite Google’s missteps, the technology isn’t going away. The idea that Glass represents—allowing you to ingest digital information at a glance—has appealed for decades to die-hards like Thad Starner, a Glass technical lead who has been making and wearing these kinds of gadgets since 1993. Researchers are going to keep plugging away until we get to a point where the technology blends into the glasses themselves, rather than sitting so obviously atop them.

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All Eyes on Apple as Google Search Deal Expires Next Year | The Information

Google has always been the default search engine in Apple’s browser on the iPhone and iPad as well as on its desktops and laptops starting years earlier. But that deal is up for renewal in early 2015, sources tell The Information, and Yahoo and Microsoft have separately begun to pitch Apple executive Eddy Cue for the business, according to people at those companies who were briefed about the bake-off.

Report: Google-Apple Safari Search Deal Expiring, Yahoo & Bing Want In | Search Engine Land

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Everything Google knows about you (and how it knows it) | The Washington Post

If you have an Android phone, that device may log your location and velocity data. If you have a YouTube account, Google knows not only what videos you upload, but which you watch, too. There’s Google Maps. Google Play. Google Voice, if you use it to transcribe your missed calls. Between Google Contacts and Chat, the site has a pretty good idea who you’re friends with.

And while browsing data is aggregated differently than information from Google services, if you visit sites running Google Ads or Google Analytics software, Google also generally knows what you look at and what you click. According to one report from UC Berkeley’s School of Information, Google can track user behavior on 88 percent of all Internet domains.

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Google Wallet API for digital goods will be retired on March 2, 2015 | VentureBeat

Google has quietly revealed it plans to retire the Google Wallet API for digital goods on March 2, 2015.

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[Google+ の行方は:image

Google+ の生みの親 Vic Gundotra がグーグルを去る・・・

Marco.org: “Google+ Is Walking Dead” by Marco Arment: 26 April 2014

     *     *     *

ゾンビ化する Google+

Google+ Is Walking Dead

Alexia Tsotsis と Matthew Panzarino いわく:

Alexia Tsotsis and Matthew Panzarino:

しかし2人の情報源から聞いたところでは、Google+チームは大きな組織再編を受けているという。Google+は1000人から1200人を抱える大所帯だが、その多くは物理的な勤務場所を含めて別のチームに異動となっている。・・・大量の人材がGooge+チームからAndroid事業部へ流出しているようだ。[滑川海彦 訳

According to two sources, Google has apparently been reshuffling the teams that used to form the core of Google+, a group numbering between 1,000 and 1,200 employees. … Basically, talent will be shifting away from the Google+ kingdom and towards Android as a platform, we’re hearing.

     *     *     *


後日振り返れば、Google+ はグーグルのとった最悪の戦略のひとつということになるのではないか。人材、士気、製品の品質という意味で大きな犠牲を払った。

I suspect we’ll look back on Google+ as one of the worst strategic moves Google ever made. It has cost them dearly in talent, morale, and the quality of their other products.

     *     *     *


戦略を大きく変えれば — まさにそのように見えるが — 数年中にはこの遅れを取り戻せるのではないか。おそらくは・・・

By drastically changing strategies, which appears to be what they’re doing, they can probably recover in a few years. Probably.

     *     *     *

Vic Gundotra が去る余波は大きい・・・

★ →[原文を見る:Original Text

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現役のハーバード生が13才のとき始めた「Think Secret」はバツグンの正確さとオモシロさで一世を風靡したものだ。






人材を引き抜かれてアタマにきたジョブズがグーグルの Eric Schmidt 宛に書いたEメールが表に出た。この人材引き抜きを防ぐため賃金を抑えるという「密約」は当初アップルとグーグルだけのものだったが、その後アドビ、インテル、Intuit、ウォルト・ディズニー、デル、マイクロソフト、IBM、eBay、Comcast、Dreamworks など IT の大所を含む巨大カルテルになり、独禁法訴訟の対象になっているというもの。

アップル対サムスンの訴訟資料から見つけ出した PandoDaily がシリーズで追いかけている。

このニュースについて John Gruber が微妙な言い回しながら次のようにコメントしている。

Daring Fireball: “Wouldn’t Have Happened If Tim Cook Had Been in Charge” by John Gruber: 27 March 2014

     *     *     *


アップルとグーグルが始めた「人材引き抜き防止・賃上げ抑制」カルテルの話を PandoDaily が連続して取り上げている。Sergey Brin がスティーブ・ジョブズからのEメールを見せられた話には笑っちゃうよ。

Pando continues its thorough coverage of the Apple/Google-led no-poaching wage-fixing cartel case. You have to laugh at this, from Sergey Brin, after being shown an email from Steve Jobs:


Wow, Steve used a smiley. God, I never got one of those.

     *     *     *


しかし、これは深刻な問題だ。先週の PandoDaily の記事によれば:

But overall, this is serious business. From Pando’s report a week ago:

Schmidt の返答:

Schmidt responded:

Omid には口頭でやって欲しいと思う。後あと訴えられないように紙の証拠は残したくないと思うんだが・・・どうもよく分からん。敬具 Eric

I would prefer that Omid do it verbally since I don’t want to create a paper trail over which we can be sued later? Not sure about this.. thanks Eric

当時のグーグルの人事担当 Shona Brown はボスに同意した。E. E. Cummings スタイルの小文字で書いた返事で:

Google’s HR head at the time, Shona Brown, agreed with her boss, in lower-case ee cummings syntax:

口頭トイウノガモットモデス ワカリマシタ

makes sense to do orally. i agree.

(Eメールだって紙と同じで有罪を示す証拠になることを Schmidt が知らなかったなんて奇妙な話だと思う。検索すればもっと簡単に見つけられるから。)

(Seems bizarre to me that Schmidt wasn’t aware that an email trail is just as incriminating as a paper trail — and more easily searched.)

     *     *     *

Tim Cook だったら・・・

まず自分が感じたこと — もし当時 Tim Cook が担当していたら、アップルはこんなトラブルに巻き込まれずに済んだだろうと自信をもっていえる。シニカルないい方でいえば、Tim Cook ならこんなことを書き物にするなんてミスはしないだろうと。理想主義的ないい方をするなら、そもそも Cook はこんなことに組しなかっただろうと。法的にも道徳的にも間違っていると分かったハズだから。

What strikes me is that I feel confident saying Apple wouldn’t be in this trouble if Tim Cook had been in charge at the time. If I want to be cynical, I’d say that’s because Cook is too careful to put anything like this in writing. If I want to be idealistic, I’d say it’s because Cook would not have agreed to participate in the agreement in the first place — that he’d have recognized that it was both legally and morally wrong.

     *     *     *


この種の傲慢な振る舞いはジョブズ伝説の最悪の側面だ。彼の不遜さはアップルが多くの偉大な事柄を成し遂げるのに役立ちはしたけれど、法的なトラブルにアップルが巻き込まれたのはこれが初めてではない。アップルにはもはやジョブズがいないからと Tim Cook は数多くの非難に晒されているが、これは違う意味で特筆さるべきだ。傲慢な CEO なかりせばアップルはどんなによかっただろう、と・・・

This sort of imperious behavior is the worst aspect of Steve Jobs’s legacy. His hubris helped Apple achieve great things, but this is not the only time it landed the company in legal trouble. For all the scrutiny Tim Cook has faced — and will continue to face, for the remainder of his career — regarding the numerous ways that Apple misses Steve Jobs, it’s been under-remarked that in other ways, Apple is better served without an imperious CEO.

     *     *     *


PandoDaily の連載がどうなるか分からないが、こんな記事が出てくるのもアップルのウワサがオモシロくないことも一因だろう。


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